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I can’t explain how much I love BLACK dresses. I have about 17 different in my closet – all in different models from different brands. Last week I went to the Saint Tropez Store in Købmagergade in Copenhagen with some of my lovely ladies. And… BOOOM, I felt in love… again! I felt in love with the dress I’m wearing at the pictures – (check it out on the webshop here)! This dress is perfect for parties and exclusive events. I love the dress because it’s really simple and classy. The only thing you have to do is to put on some red lipstick, let your hair be wild for the night and wear your highest heels! I promise you one thing – in this dress you will feel like a real bond babe for the whole night!
Skærmbillede 2013-11-03 kl. 21.41.37

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  1. Isak Orry Rindom says:

    gi mig din kjole og dit smil ❤

  2. Sofie Bender says:

    Enkelt og elegant 🙂

  3. Ser godt ud iza, flot kjole !

  4. Mie says:

    Flooot 🙂

  5. Frederik Vogelius says:


  6. Virkelig elegant outfit, det er hvad jeg vil kalde ‘keeping it classy’! Loveeee it

  7. Laura skjelmose says:

    Sorte kjoler er altid en sikker vinder! (y)

  8. Lucas says:

    Looking good 🙂

  9. Pauline says:

    Utrolig flot kjole!

  10. Naja says:

    lækre Isa

  11. Maria Giskeødegård says:

    Lækkert outfit! 🙂

  12. Mathias G. says:

    Flot kusine!

  13. Gustav A says:

    Kæft et lækkert outfit

  14. Helena R. says:

    Flot tøs!

  15. Henriette Nielsen says:

    En sort kjole er ikke bare en sort kjole – du har ret. Du gør det bedre en frøkenen bag dig! 🙂

  16. Emilia says:

    Elegant og stilet outfit!

  17. Michelle Siw Hovendal says:

    Virkelig flot :O

  18. Søren says:

    Nice kjole

  19. Emilie C says:

    Elsker kjolen!

  20. edisa says:

    väldigt elegant o snyggt

  21. Christine says:

    Ser godt ud!!

  22. Sille says:

    WOW! love that dress!

  23. Eva Jensen says:

    Virkelig fint sæt! ville elske at vinde!

  24. Frederikke says:

    Hvor er det et lækkert sæt, Isabella.

  25. Jonathan Steenstrup says:


  26. Sofie says:

    Hvor er det bare en super flot kjole!!! 🙂

  27. Jonas Guldbæk says:

    Nice kjole Iza med z :D!

  28. Malvina Catharina Broersen says:


  29. isabella says:

    Så flot, elsker kjolen!!!

  30. Marius says:

    Kører stilen 😉

  31. says:


  32. Vinnie Bækkel says:

    In love..

  33. Johanne says:


  34. Lisbeth Andersen says:


  35. Kamilla Bro-Rasmussen says:


  36. VInnie B says:

    Super hot… i love it!!

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