Well, hallo to me


What are you wearing here Isa..???
First of all I’m wearing something that reminds people of “me” – that is the most important thing!
The black lovely slim-fit-jeans are of course from Saint Tropez (buy here)! They fit me really good… and trust me, you will get a great ass in those jeans – I feel like Jennifer Lopez on a sunny day when I’m wearing them. My lime-green shirt is brand new and it’s from Versace – this shirt reminds me of the 90’s, don’t know why! My favorite cardigan that I’m also wearing (because it’s getting cold now) is also from Saint Tropez (buy here) – it’s so soft and cool – perfect for your fall and winter wardrobe!
My watch are from Daniel Wellington (look) and the earrings are from Jane Kønig (look).

Wauw, I‘ve been looking forward to get started on this fabulous blog with the three other inspiring ladies. First of all… I’m one of those girls who crave a personal style and outfit, a good attitude and red lips after 20pm. I will not write a hole story about myself now – I’m sure you will get to know me better and better after each post from me – or you can have a little sneak peak in my life on my personal blog www.isa-tankestreg.dk!


Yes, I’m a busy lady – so I look at my watch a lot of times every day. I loooove Martini with lemon and ELLE-magasines – those two things is an amazing combination. I love gold… and try to wear it every day. I can’t live without my classy sunglasses from HanKjøbenhavn, my lipstick, my keys, my pocket “full of sunshine” and a little parfume.


Yesterday I went to this really cool event at Hotel STAY in Copenhagen – a Belvedere event. This is one of those things I love most about my job – meeting new people, drinking cocktails, getting inspired and pose for the camera with my colleges. Sometimes it’s make me feel like I’m a part of an episode of Gossip Girl. I’ll be back soon… next stop BARCELONA!!!


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