Getting ready for THE CASTING



Hey girls!

As you might know, you have the chance of becoming a “saint tropes best friend” and shop in saint tropez for 6000 dkk. The only thing you have to do, is attending a fun casting.
In the pictures i´m showing what i might would wear to a fashion casting like this. For me it´s very important to wear something that you feel good in and maybe describes your personal style. I´m a sneaker-girl, so I would probably jump in my favorite pair. Also i would might wear a sweater or my lovely bouclé jacket. and a pair of black skinny jeans. of course it depends on the weather. I would also choose some jewelry, like a statement necklace.
I also want to tell you a little bit about my own casting a year ago. Actually it was a coinsidence that i stopped by the casting. It was actually my good friend, who thought we should try – so why not when you have the chance of winning 6000 dkk. So well we went in and I remember being kinda nervous, but you shouldn’t be because everyone from saint tropez are sooo sweet.
I´m really hoping that you would at least consider attending the casting, because trust me it is all worth it!
Right now I´m in Thailand, so I had to improvise a little with this post, but I hope it´s okay 🙂
Take care! kisses, Clara

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