My casting


Hi girls,

The Best Friends casting is getting closer. Are you excited? You have the chance of winning 6.000DKK to shop lovely Saint Tropez clothing for. I remember back in the winter 2012 when I auditioned to become a Saint Tropez Best Friend. I read about the casting and thought it would be a great deal of fun. Without great hope of been chosen I took my boyfriend by the hand and went to the Saint Tropez shop at Vimmelskaftet in Copenhagen.

There was a loooong que of different contestants in the shop. Some younger than me, some older. Some more bohemian, some more modern. There was so many different girls and I didn’t know what my chances would be like.

My preperation before the casting was simple. In general I believe in being yourself. Therefore, my preperation was to put on an outfit that I (at that time) felt comfortable and chick in. I didn’t rehers any questions – which made me answers to the questions of the judges more genuine. My answers came strait from my heart.

I remember the judges asking me about which item I always have in my wardrobe. My answer was something like this “I’m a jeans-girl, but I also love cardigans – especialle the ones from Saint Tropez. It’s an obsession that goes way back.” And it was true – not too fashion-blogger-ish, but true. That was, and is still, part of my favorite basic wardrobe.

My best advice to you at the casting is to be yourself, shine bright like a diamond, relax and enjoy!

Hope to see many of you at the audition. If you have any questions, feel free to ask (both in Danish and English).

– Natasja

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