Being a Saint Tropez best friend

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Hi girls! Today I want to talk a little bit about my experience with being a “Saint Tropez best friend” You might have heard that soon there is going to be a new casting where 2 new girls are joining the team, and I can´t wait to see who it´s going to be. Therefore Looked back in my previous posts and found a couple of different outfits. The first picture was my fist post ever at the Saint Tropez blog. I remember i was really excited and I really loved the sweater (and I still do!)

I REALLY enjoy blogging and I have a big interest in fashion, that´s why I love to blog at the Saint Tropez blog! I really love to walk around in the Saint Tropez stores picking out items and planning outfits in my head. Also i really love to take pictures and edit them. I think that blogging sometimes can seem a little scary, because a good blog is a blog that´s personal and for me that can be really challenging sometimes. As a Saint Tropez best friend you get to experience a hole new world, with blogging meetings, coordination and new experiences which I defiantly have learned a lot from and I can use it in the future.

All in all I really love being a Saint Tropez best friend and I´m looking forward to another half year with Natasja and 2 of you!

xoxo Clara


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