Insta update



Picture 1: I´ve bought a new dress for my 9th grate graduation. I love it. // Picture 2: I have eating a few times at the lovely “Fredcos deli” in Copenhagen – I just love their salads.// Picture 3: My new jacket by Saint tropes, I showed it a little time ago. It´s perfect with shorts  and sneaks, but what isn´t? // Picture 4: Dinner with my lovely ladies in the sun // Picture 5: My little brother, big sister and our little nephew Malthe, he´s so cute. (he´s my big brothers son) // Picture 6: Watching Gossip Girl and reading ELLE decoration, two of my many addictions 

I´m a true instagram lover, and here´s a little look at my latest posts. You are more than welcome to follow me: @clararohde. Enjoy the sun.

xoxo Clara

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