Winter inspiration: Play with layers and textures

20121109_133755IMG_20121130_190039 20121109_133308 Opdateret for nylig

Winter inspiration: Play with layers and textures

Recently, I went by the Saint Topez store in Lyngby to get some inspiration to my winter wardrobe – here are my picks (a sheer grey top with ruffles, a silver sequin jacket, a leather jacket, a black oversized shirt with studded details attached to it, and grey jeans with animal print). As I have written in some of my earlier posts, details such as sequins, studs are very trendy at the moment – by combining these details with different textiles you can instantly get a luxurious look.

Tip: Try to play with layers – in doing so you get a more unique and interesting look – In my case an example of layering could be e.g. combing the sheer gray top with the sequined jacket.

A quick shout out to the personnel of the Saint Tropez store in Lyngby – I was met by the sweetest and most attentive staff ever (Lenette & Camilla) – you girls made by shopping spree even more pleasant! So if you want excellent service and nice clothes, then swing by this store, I will guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed!

Xoxo, Steph



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