My christmas outfit – the perfect winter dress




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Merry christmas! I hope you had an amazing christmas eve.

I bought this dress in Saint Tropez the middle of december, and thought it would be perfect for christmas eve – and I was right. I´ve actually never been the biggest fan of green, but this dark green is the perfect winter colour and as my littlebrother said “the colour is just like the colour of the christmas tree” and it definatly is. This dress will be perfect for upcoming parties in january or feburary even for new years eve.

With the styling i went for somthing simple and elegant. I did`nt use any jewlery, cause the pearl-glittery deatails on the neck was enough for me. I went with a black “fluffy” cardigan and black tights.

Merry christmas! XOXO Clara



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jean says:

    So nice, so cute, so friendly !!

    1. clararohde says:

      Oh Thank you!

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