Winter-wardrobe update: How to get a luxurious look by combining the feminine with the raw

Winter-wardrobe update: How to get a luxurious look by combining the feminine with the raw

Hi girls! Today’s post is going to be about pants. The current pant trend focus on texture and extravagant details, the overall theme being emphasizing a “Raw” look. Hence, items such as skinny jeans, leggings or jeggings are being treated in a new ways, as means of creating e.g. a wet look, a leather look, a coated look, a print look, or have distinctive details attached to them, such as sequins, studs or sparkly stones.

Saint Tropez has made a pair of “jeather” pants that I simply love!! “Jeather” pants are coated jeans that give you a matte leather look, but fits and feels like jeans at the same time. This fabric exudes glamour! Furthermore, the pants have unique details in terms of gold zippers at the hip and on the bottom of the leg, which gives the look a raw stunning edge. I simply love these pants because of their great fit and their unique look! They have undoubtedly become one of my favorite items (read: I have already bought them in black and grey respectively, and if there were more colors I would have bought them too – hence, I recommend these jeans as one of the winter seasons “must haves”)!

Tip: Combine the feminine with the raw to get a luxurious look by experimenting with and emphasizing different textures and details.

That is, when going out you can dress the pants up, and thus complete a dark glam look, by combining them with a sleeveless peplum-cut top (cf. peplum is a very feminine and chic cut), and studded pumps. As means of dressing the pants down, you could combine them with an oversized knitted or angora shirt and studded pumps or biker boots (as I did in the pictures above and below) – in doing so, you can give a casual daytime outfit a more edgy expression. Last but not least, if your styling is fairly simple, then it can be a good idea to bring out the heavy-duty jewels, like oversized earrings, necklaces, watches and rings. The oversized jewellery will complete the look and give it a polished edge.

Xoxo Steph

You can buy the pants by clicking here



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