How to glam your style by emphasizing certain themes and colors

How to glam your style by emphasizing certain themes and colors
Tip: When styling your outfit always emphasize certain themes and colors. Furthermore, also try to blend edge and tradition – in doing so you can combine commercial smarts with your own personal style (because in the end fashion is all about individuality) 🙂

Hence, you can glam up a casual look through your makeup, hairstyle and choice of nail color. In the pictures above I glammed up my oversized print shirt by styling my hair and make-up in a 1950s theme while also applying a bold nail color.

How to copy the look: put a heavy liner on the top eyelids (close the eye when applying the liner, this makes it easier to make a nice line), apply a lot of mascara, use a blush below your cheekbone (to create shading and accentuate your bone structure), draw up your eyebrows using a brow shader (as means of creating a sharper shape of the brow and a more rich color) and finally put on red lipstick (sometimes it is easier to use lip-liner on the entire lip). Next, roll up your hair in a sleek bun (remember to use a generous amount of hairspray) and as the iceing on the cake, apply a bold nail polish to your nails (I chose a bright blue shade) as means of making a statement. And BOOM – Now you are all glammed up, while being casual at the same time. Enjoy girls!

Xoxo Steph

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