musthave army gloves

Hi girls..

It is getting sooo freeezing cold, right? 🙂  ..   so I found these green army gloves in a Saint Tropez store.

The musthave gloves are very up to date, because they fit the army style, which is very modern these days. You can also use them to give a feminine outfit a twist.

Also the dark green colour is perfect in the fall.. look outside.. it is wonderfull!! 🙂

Then, I want to show you my two favorite nail polishes, I bought in Magasin. I love the little butterfly 😉 It was very difficult to find out which colours to buy. There are sooo many different. But gold is always a winner for me.. maybe for many girls..  😀

And if you don´t know it, I work at a pharmacy, therefore I am very updated relative to creams (and medicine off course) 🙂

La Roche Posay, Cicaplast balm is my eight hour cream .. a favorite!!!

My hands are polished, taken care of because of cicaplast balm, and protected in my cool army gloves! 😉

Have a nice day!

xoxo Stine


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