Trendspotting at Designerforum

Last Sunday I went to Designerforum in order to see if I could spot some new trends as well as find some good bargains – And BOY did I find some!! Safe to say that my Visa faced a “stress test”, haha! But it was totally worth it!

Some of the dominant trends I spotted were the oversized shirts, oversized watches (with som bling), Shambala-like bracelets, animal print, and the comeback of headpieces made of fur. The oversized shirts comes in many different varieties, my favorites at the moment being the knitted/sequence ones, as well as the ones with print (that being animal print or other types of print).

As I went through the tons of racks of clothes I found some items that I simply needed to have; I found two fabulous oversized shirts (one knitted/sequence and one angora/print) from a brand called “Birds”, as well as an eye-catching fur headband (which I will make a post about later on).

When I go shopping, I primarily go for items that can be mixed and matched in many different ways – this also holds true for the two shirts I just purchased at the Designerforum.

Tip: I love color (especially yellow) so in order to make my otherwise fairly “plain” grey angora/print outfit stand out I chose to combine with a big silver necklace, as well as yellow pumps and nails. In my optic less is more – you only need a few basic items to stand out and be fabulous. What do you think?

Xoxo Steph


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  1. Julie Hougaard Poulsen says:

    Hvilket mærke er den oversized sweatshirt fra? hvor der står fashion over det hele?? 🙂 er heeelt forelsket i den!

    1. fab4lessbysteph says:

      Hej Julie 🙂

      Jeg er også selv helt vild med den (det var en af de to bluser jeg købte på Designerforum).

      Blusen er fra mærket “Caitlyn” og er en blanding af bomuld, uld og cashmere. Jeg fandt den hos “Birds” (firmaet har ikke en butik, kun et showroom på Østerbro, hvorfra de sælger ud 4 gange om året). Blusen kostede kr. 399,- og den er alle pengene værd!!

      Håber det var svar nok 🙂

      Xoxo Steph

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